Bøgh's bløg

Test :)

I’m looking into new ways of blogging. There are many ways. I have “used” Listed.to, which is an extension of the very nice note-service Standard Notes (privacy focused, versatile and with friendly support - I can highly recommend). However the extension is a bit too close to my very private notes for my likening, so now I moved here…

I have developed a fondness for markdown and for Jekyll, so basically it is going to be made with those two as “building blocks”. Also the nice people at GitHub are providing a free hosting platform for Jekyll; GitHub Pages.

Listed.to uses markdown as well, so migration was a quick and smooth process.

So all in all that is fairly good. Of course it isn’t all banana oil. Updating isn’t entirely straight forward (especially on the iPad), though it isn’t a hazzle either. And there is probably still some tweaks, that can make it even more easy.