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Hello :)

My name is Henrik, and the short story: Father. Information Management & Knowledge Management Professional. Previously head of Military Technologies Transformation Section in the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization, before that I worked with strategic concept & capability development, IT-project management, naval engineering and logistics. Likes to take photos, read books and do stuff, where the end result is not guaranteed.

The longer story: I started out as a commissioned officer (Technology Management and Marine Engineering) from the Royal Danish Naval Academy in 2004, and since then holding a number of positions at various places, within the Danish armed forces: Strategic concept and capability developer, head of an IT-project management section, being an IT-project manager myself, a marine engineer (including on board diver & rescue swimmer) on Thetis-class patrol vessels and logistics staff officer in Danish Task Group, as well as multiple deployments.

My focus is on human interactions in innovative processes - small and large -, alignment with and development of governance and bridging the gaps between methods, strategic interests and compliance. I have a deep understanding of the internal dynamics of technologies and uses that to, establish a knowledge on how technologies may actually impact organizations, operations and societies. In the end technologies are after all, just a third of any transformation, but understanding the impact of it, is vital to securing the success of a transformation as a whole.

My first meeting with Linux was in ‘98 and FreeBSD in 2001. Since then I’ve been involved in open source consumption, sydadmining and software development in various roles. Now I’m mostly doing stuff at large scale enterprise/strategy level or leading other people.

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